“Risk is like fire: If controlled it will help you; if uncontrolled it will rise up and destroy you.” --Theodore Roosevelt

In today’s climate, how can a business control risk? As it becomes increasingly difficult to hit sales and profit projections, oftentimes risk management is left to a wing and a prayer. Even though middle market companies pay commissions or fees to insurance agents or brokers, it is not uncommon for them to be left with nothing more than insurance policies and a cross of the fingers that everything will be OK. Insurance program design and policy placement is NOT risk management. Through our proprietary process, Praxiom is able to use money that companies are already spending to apply our proprietary risk management processes and reduce your total cost of risk.

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“There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman?’ --Woody Allen

At Praxiom, we feel the same way. The marketplace is flooded with people making a valiant effort to sell you products. We prefer to focus on solving your problems. By looking at your Total Cost of Risk as opposed to selling you insurance, Praxiom is actually able to reduce costs and identify areas where you may be spending money redundantly. One thing we know for sure: we cannot attempt to help you solve your problems until we have taken the time to identify your risk exposures and determine the best way to approach them. For those risks that must be insured, we have a variety of top-shelf A.M. Best A rated carriers that are ready to serve your needs. Because of our unique approach to risk management, high-touch involvement in our relationships, and proven track record of success, our carrier partners are always happy to engage with our clients and prospects, resulting in longstanding and mutually beneficial relationships.

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“We have been working with the Praxiom team since 2006. They have been an integral part of our organization, and have helped us both strategically and tactically. When we first engaged, we agreed on a strategic risk management plan that would help us grow our company in a consistent, financially responsible manner. Because of their experience as PEO operators, they were able to identify obstacles and suggest solutions before we encountered issues. As a result of executing on our strategic plan, we are now in a risk sharing plan with an “A” rated 50 states carrier and well positioned for long term success.” — Chris Dollins, President/CEO Employer Flexible HR

It’s no secret that Praxiom was born from a group of PEO operators. While we have expertise in a variety of market segments, we take exceptional pride in our ability to deliver results to the PEO industry. As staunch supporters of NAPEO, PACE and the Certification Institute, Praxiom is immersed in the PEO industry and is often viewed as the foremost thought leader on PEO Risk Management.

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“Behind every unsafe condition, there is a management system that could have allowed that hazard to exist.” --Dan Petersen

Once your risks have been identified and appropriately insured or transferred, we work with our clients and prospects to assure they are effectively managing their safety programs. We have direct experience in working with companies at varying levels of sophistication. In some instances, all of the programs are in place and need a little fine tuning. In other cases, companies have virtually nothing and need a customized solution to fit their specific risk profile. Praxiom’s team of Field Risk Engineers work closely with management to assure all aspects of safety are managed in a progressive and forward-thinking manner.

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Studies show that claims that are reported more than 24 hrs from occurrence are 33% more costly! Timely claim reporting is so important that every insurance carrier measures a company’s ability to report claims in a timely manner as part of a company’s risk performance scorecard.

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We are very proud that our team members are generous with their time and energy, giving back to a variety of organizations. At Praxiom, we recognize that volunteering provides an excellent opportunity to strengthen our team and these organizations alike..

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Team Praxiom's breast cancer survivors Noreen Wyatt and Dindi DeAngelo cross the finish line in this year's Treasure Chests 5k Walk/Run supporting breast cancer. #praxiomcares

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