Through our history of client success we have learned that the most appropriate starting point in a client relationship is to conduct a diagnostic assessment of your risk management program.  Our baseline assessment process is a proprietary, diagnostic process used to comprehensively assess your risk exposures and the quality of your risk management program.  Usually and eye-opening event, the baseline assessment process includes:

  • A thorough examination of your organization to identify and quantify what it does, what it stands to lose in the event of a loss and what it needs to do to protect its assets and earnings.  This is achieved through management interviews, product/services review, and facility audits.
  • A comprehensive audit of your organization’s contractual and financial risk transfer programs.
  • A detailed audit of your current workers compensation experience modifier.
  • An assessment of current risk avoidance, mitigation and claims management programs compared to industry best practices.
  • Financial modeling and total cost of risk analysis.

The baseline assessment provides the information and analytics necessary to enable an informed and educated decision on the best risk financing structure for your organization as well as key risk management improvement practices.