Praxiom is a risk management firm comprised of highly experienced risk management, risk control, claims, and insurance professionals. Praxiom’s degreed and certified colleagues are dedicated to helping you most effectively manage your business’ Total Cost of Risk (TCOR).We believe that the best way to ensure success in any business relationship is to become long‐term partners with our clients. We enter client engagements with a disciplined approach that is focused on assessing and understanding your business’ specific operations and risk exposures. We focus on jointly developing a strategy to help you proactively determine which risks you wish to mitigate and which risks you wish to transfer financially through an insurance transaction. Finally, we support that strategy by providing best practice tools, resources and a team of highly qualified risk management professionals to help you execute both an offensive and defensive plan to mitigate risks that you choose to retain.We are committed to helping our clients achieve optimal performance from their risk management and insurance programs through the application of best in class strategies and solutions.

Our Pledge

Our ultimate success as your risk management partner is realized by helping you maximize your business success.  To achieve our joint goals, we pledge the following to you:

  • To understand the risks, challenges, and opportunities in your industry and in your specific business.
  • To invest the time and effort to learn and understand your business philosophy and company culture.
  • To provide you with information that will enable you to make informed risk management decisions for your business.
  • To become one of your primary business resources and a trusted advisor.
  • To recommend strategies and tactics that we believe will benefit the long term success of your enterprise and our partnership.
  • To assure that our compensation is always fair, equitable, and transparent.